Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Change of Blog Sites

I haven't been posting much here since I discovered Wordpress which offers some options Blogger doesn't have, like the ability to create categories so it is easy to organize and find posts by theme.

You will find more recent astrological musings on my Light In Motion II blog.
I have two others on creativity and inspiration and whatever the spirit moves me to post called Random Acts of Truth and Beauty and Both Sides now.

The links for each of them are just to the right of this posting under Links.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chiron In Aquarius

Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is in Aquarius, showing us the path of healing until 2010. Chiron in Aquarius indicates a period when great innovations will be made in all healing fields and we will see more healing through or within groups, alternative medicine, energetic healing, healing through technology, healing through networks, and unconventional, cutting-edge healing methods. Conversely, we can also experience wounding in these realms.

Chiron has a fifty-year cycle, spending a little more than four years per sign, so many of the issues that are beginning to arise today had their genesis in the people and circumstances born in the mid to late 1950’s. Those born between 1955 and 1960 have their natal Chiron in Aquarius, and may be the ones who are called on for help and healing as they have an intimate understanding of the issues being raised now. As Chiron returns to its natal position in our birth chart we experience a cycle of reviewing or reliving some of the feeling of having been wounded during our early years and an opportunity to release and transform what we once thought of as our Achilles' heel into healing ability.

Chiron’s message is we are only as strong as our weakest part; once that has been addressed and attended to we become more aware and stronger in those places, able to offer the benefit of our experience to others. At that point our perspective and our reality improve greatly. Freed of old pain we are liberated and able to more easily create that which our heart desires.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aquarius! Aquarius!

If you are familiar with the song Aquarius: Let The Sun Shine In by the Fifth Dimension from 1969 you know the Age of Aquarius was envisioned as an idyllic time when the sun would shine and all would be right with the world. I was fourteen years old the first time I heard it and it's been playing on my inner stereo for the past few weeks. The jury is still out on the state of the world during the Age of Aquarius; I'm not sure it has been decided yet exactly when the Age of Aquarius began.

This year the Sun entered visionary, future-oriented Aquarius on January 20th and joined six other planets already there, including the planetoid Chiron, which has been back in Aquarius for the past year, for the first time in its fifty-year cycle since 1960. The slow moving planet of spirituality and illusion, Neptune, has been in Aquarius since the late 1990s.

Aquarius rules astrology and is the sign on of my natal Ascendant and my Chiron. When the Sun left my 12th house, which is the house of the subconscious and of undoing and crossed the degree of my Ascendant I began my personal New Year. With the Sun now in my 1st house of emerging, new beginnings, fresh starts and physical action I notice my energy shifting as it does each year at this time as if dawn had finally arrived after a long, long dark night.

Everyone has a personal New Year's Day when the Sun dawns on the Ascendant in their natal chart. Knowing this information about your natural timing cycle is one key to working with your personal energy cycles and the fine art of good timing.

The Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Venus currently rubbing shoulders and sparking fresh ideas and ways of seeing things, with an Aquarian twist, makes this is a great time for starting something new, especially if it involves something is ruled by Aquarius: computers, innovation, invention, genius, the unexpected, humanitarians, technology, electricity, groups, friends, goals, aspirations.

Aquarius is the sign that rules wishes, making this a perfect time to think outside the box and aim high with your intentions and plans for the weeks and months ahead. As it said on a t-shirt I once saw, "Don't let the sky limit you."

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year~Real Ease

As this New Year begins I look back over the places I've been, knowing as this year dawns, I am free to release that which no longer serves me. I can truly start anew. Without explanation or lengthy anyalysis I can open my hands and release back to the universe all those things that have already served their purpose.

As I write, I see for the first time the real-ease that is inherent in release. Surrendering the struggle to do the impossible and make things fit that I've outgrown, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Ease greets me and offers breathing room that draws me back home to my body where there is, once again, room to entertain the creative nigglings and impulses that push at the edges of my reality and inspire me to move in the direction of delightful potential.

All is well. I dwell in a new sense of wholeness with real ease.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fallout From the Planetary Parade of 2006

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."
-- Eden Phillpotts

As 2006 winds down I am drawn to look back over the year to see it from a new perspective. I've been considering the life-altering effects of the planetary cycles of the past year on the lives of so many, particularly those of us with planets in the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The fixed signs have been hosting some of the outer planets (Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio and asteroid/planetoid Chiron in Aquarius) as they traveled, throughout much of 2006, in and out of a series of dynamic patterns stirring up a wild combination of inclinations, indecision, tension, overextension and general chaos in areas of our lives we'd come to count on as solid, stable and grounded. I have all four signs well represented in my natal astrology chart and can say from personal experience my life will never be the same as it was when the year dawned.

Personal relationships have changed dramatically this year as the planets danced, dos-y-do style, first opposing then backing off to release the mounting tension before once again coming face to face. In my case, some of the people I thought I'd always know and be close to have left my life. Some have passed away, some moved away and others are growing in directions that are right for them but not on my path. And then there are those dear old friends and family members with whom I had long ago lost contact who've recently come back into my life; evidence that nothing that really belongs to us or with us is ever truly lost.

Since the year began I have found myself questioning my assumptions about almost everything. The things that once supported me beautifully no longer appeal to me. I have swung wildly between clearly knowing my truth and my heart, and feeling lost and alone. The push-pull pulse of the birth process is in full swing. Part of me wants nothing more than to dash into the future and another just to be safe, warm and dry right where I am; maybe forever...

Though I am no longer where I was I find I'm still in transit to a place where I can dwell comfortably for a while. I used to believe I would eventually arrive. No more. Now I see the value of the journey and know myself well enough to know that if I'm not moving I'm not growing. I'm here to experience it all--all of that which calls to me, at least.

Settling down means something different to me now than it did when I was younger. I used to think it meant giving up the excitement of living life uncommitted and on the edge, with a little reckless abandon thrown in for good measure. Now settling down means that I can abandon my recklessness, (which sounded like more fun than it actually proved to be) relax and let go of all the things I used to believe defined me and just live more and more from my wholeness. Now I can take the time to know my holiness and recognize it in those around me.

All the shaking and quaking of the past year put me through a new level of releasing more that simply is not me. There is nothing I have lost that was appropriate for me in my life today and as I remember that I can 'bless all the little earthquakes' as my dear teacher/mentor/friend, Ananda, who passed earlier this year, used to say.

In all the changes in my life in 2006 I have become increasingly aware of how blessed I am. Magic and miracles really are everywhere we bother to look for them.

When you look back on 2006 what do you notice has shifted and altered your life for the better?

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Sagittarius~The Archer

Traits: Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical
Blindly optimistic and careless
Irresponsible and superficial
Tactless and restless

Likes: Traveling
* Getting to the heart of the matter
* Freedom
* Laws and meanings
* The general 'feel' of things

Dislikes: Off the wall theories
* Being tied down domestically
* Being constrained
* Cooling their heels
* Being bothered with details

Animal: Horse
Color: Purple
Planet: Jupiter
StarStone: Turquoise
Element: Fire

Your True Sun Sign ( With Pics )
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Scorpio~The Scorpion

Traits: Determined and forceful
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and passionate
Exciting and magnetic
Jealous and resentful
Compulsive and obsessive
Secretive and obstinate

Likes: Power
* Discovering hidden causes
* Being involved
* Work that is meaningful
* Being persuasive

Dislikes: Being given only surface data
* Being taken advantage of
* Demeaning jobs
* Shallow relationships
* Flattery and flattering

Animal: Scorpion or Eagle
Color: Maroon
Planet: Pluto
StarStone: Topaz
Element: Water

Your True Sun Sign ( With Pics )
brought to you by Quizilla